Why is Pain Management So Important?

Why is Pain Management So Important?

Mar 07, 2019
Depending on MRI results and the general health of the patient, pain management programs can be an effective treatment. At Multi-Care Medical, we practice interventional pain management, including facet injections, epidural injections and more. Should patients still not respond to these treatments, surgery may be the next step to be undertaken.

A good pain management treatment plan will provide the patient with the pain relief they need while also offering them the ability to regain their range of motion and mobility as quickly as possible without injury.

Less Stress

When a person is in pain, their stress levels are high. The blood pressure rises and the body enters a state of distress. With a proper pain management treatment plan, the stress and frustration can be alleviated.

While there still may be some discomfort, the patient will work to regain their range of motion and increase their mobility. The more they are able to participate in physical activity, the better they will feel. In some cases, just the act of becoming mobile again can alleviate much of the stress associated with an injury.

Employing pain management methods that put the patient in control of their recovery gives them the opportunity to be more independent and self-sufficient. Patients who are forced to do exercises or activities they do not like often have an increased risk of re-injury. It is important to offer patient options when it comes to physical therapy exercises.

Controlled Comfort

Proper pain management techniques can control pain and allow the patient to be comfortable. The patient will be asked to resume various activities at a gradual pace. This will cause pain as the person is healing.

With proper pain management, the patient will be able to notice the difference in pain levels as they begin to exercise without feeling uncomfortable. For many patients, control is the key. They want to regain control of their lives. This means they want to play an active role in how they resume their level of activities and how their pain is managed.

Patients who play an active role in the development of their treatment plans are often more likely to resume physical activity much quicker and attempt to regain their range of motion and improve their mobility at a much faster pace.

Multi-Care Medical

At Multi-Care Medical, our doctors and trained medical professionals are experts in pain management. With offices in Pembroke Pines, Cape Coral, Naples and Fort Myers, Florida, we are conveniently located so patients can choose the location nearest their home or work. We help our patients manage pain levels and increase their mobility so that they can resume the activities they enjoy most.

If you have any questions about pain management and the various pain management treatments offered at Multi-Care Medical, please contact us today.

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